Tjirpie was established in 2016.

The women behind the company, share a love for beautiful things that are locally made and meticulously crafted.

As for the quirky name: “We wanted to keep it playful to capture the spirit of our  range, and as Afrikaans speaking women we wanted to bring our colourful mother tongue into play.  The word Tjirpie mimics a birds song, yet at the same time sounds the same as the delightful positive word “chirpy” in English.

Every inspiration behind the designs done by the acclaimed artist Anina Deetlefs, are a true interpretation of the country’s beauty in flowers and animals.  From Fynbos to indigenous birds, the use of colour and the unique nature of every design, speaks of true South African culture.

The company started off with pencil sketches done in beautiful prints.  This grew to designs on bespoke ceramics and later, fabric.

Fynbos 5, the latest Tjirpie T-shirt range,  was done with the Big five in perfect harmony with the fynbos, found in South Africa.