Earth Lover

Casual and earthy

‘Earth Lover’ is a collection designed to do just that! Keep you in touch with the earth. Our look is casual and earthy, inspired by the colours of nature. Natural fibers and quality workmanship is what we are constantly striving for.

Most clothing available to us is imported. Labor is considered an expense to be reduced. This makes no sense in an environment of growing unemployment. We regard the preservation of labor skills as our primary goal.

There is something in the collection to capture the attention of tourists, adventurers, our ‘lekker locals’, and basically anyone with the outdoors at heart.

‘Earth Lover’ is a range designed to keep you in touch with the magnificent land that surrounds us! When you visit AFRICA you can never get it out of your heart.

‘Earth Lover’ will constantly draw from nature for inspiration and celebration. Keep your feet on the ground and your heart in the heavens!