Jared Kohn

spiritual rebel

The more you connect with your SPIRIT, the more you become the REBEL…the more you become YOU.

Who I am, what resonates with me, how this represents me – were the soul reason that these tees were created.  Aligning one’s spiritual journey and freedom through expression in what you wear is its essence. A Spiritual Rebel lives unapologetically, authentically, growing through what you are going through at any given time.

Encompassing a healthy mind, body and spirit by channelling your inner warrior and conquering your fears, “spiritual – but – not – religious”, Spiritual Rebel is a brand that challenges one to embrace your dark as much as your light.  To dance to the beat of your own pulse…To be led by your heart, the passion that ignites life and purpose in someone’s being. Finding the rhythm in nature and your inner fight, creating a personal sense of balance.

Spiritual Rebel … slaying to be the best “badass” version of yourself !